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Virgil Perryman is the founder of and inventor behind Perryman Technologies.  Virgil has had an extensive career that has culminated in the development of key patents in the areas of collection, storage, and application of thermal energy. These patents protect the technology used in the Perryman Troughs, Dishes, Perryman Micro Panels, Perryman Battery™, Non-Combustion Gas Turbines and the many globally important applications of these technologies.

Virgil has worked in large international corporations as well setting up companies around the world involved in initiatives such as solar energy, housing for indigenous people, fuel from wild sago and cassava, geothermal and wind power systems to generate heat and electricity, oil shipping and refining, off-grid refrigeration facilities, solar based food drying systems, telecommunications, and waste-to-energy projects.  Virgil is a problem solver by nature and over his career he has lectured and engaged in collaborative research with many universities including MIT, Russian Academy of Science, and COMPS at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Virgil’s technical specialty is the science of how elements behave and interact at very high temperatures.  This has led to the ultimate energy storage system; the Perryman Battery™, which uses metal with high heat capacity in its molten state and can store in the larger batteries billions of joules of energy.  Further, it can store this energy for months if not years until required. Virgil has also developed a reflective film that captures energy from both visible light and thermal from the infrared spectrum that can heat the metal in the battery to around 1650oC.  Virgil’s full spectrum collectors can operate economically in nearly all locations globally, and certainly in many areas of the planet where conventional solar thermal and PV just does not work. This technology can be used to provide clean, renewable, low-cost energy for electricity, heating, cooling, water management, transportation, food and material production and many other applications which will have a positive impact on nearly every aspect of human life.

In 2017 Perryman Technologies plan to set up manufacturing and distribution companies to implement a global roll out of Virgil’s technologies.  Perryman Technologies will be working with strategic partners in countries around the world.







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Technologies and Products

Virgil Perryman holds five key patents that cover the areas of collection, storage, and application of thermal energy. The first two patents are in the field of thermal energy collection. One is a foundation patent that describes a technology with the ability to capture 98-99% of thermal heat available from the solar spectrum ( The other contains some important design efficiencies as regards how the system is configured ( Virgil holds an important foundation patent that protects the technology used to store heat in the Perryman Battery™ ( Virgil also holds two key patents in the application of thermal energy. The first is a patent that describes how the Perryman Battery™ can run a Brayton Cycle turbine using a solid state transfer of heat ( The second describes how the heat in slag combined with the energy stored in a Perryman Battery™ can be used to break down and recover the constituents of the slag by-product from steel manufacturing, resulting in a significant improvement in the economics of running a steel mill (


Current and soon to be released PRODUCTS are described in this section.


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Applications and Projects

Perryman Technologies has products and technologies that can be adapted to a wide range of projects. Applications include the provision of clean, renewable, low-cost energy for electricity, heating, cooling, food and material production, transportation and water management.



There are typically three steps involved.


1. Charge the Perryman Battery™. This can be done with thermal energy from the sun captured by Perryman Troughs, other high temperature solar thermal applications, Perryman Micro Panels, Alternatively, the Perryman Battery™. can be charged even various high temperature waste heat sources such as kilns, oven and turbine exhaust. Or it can be done using electricity from the grid to heat the Perryman Battery™ using existing induction technology. Or the electricity can be from a wind power plant or PV or any other source of AC or DC power.


2. Store the energy in a Perryman Battery™ until it is needed. The size of the Perryman Battery™ can vary according to the application, from small home units of 5-7kw to small commercial units of 25kw to large industrial units of 29MW as well as customised sizes to meet specific applications. In many applications the energy stored will be utilized to provide power 24/7, however the Perryman Battery™ can also store energy for months, if not years, until required.

3. Use the thermal energy stored in the Perryman Battery™ to drive a turbine to generate electricity. Small to very large turbines can be utilized depending on the application. The thermal energy can also be used directly via heat exchangers in applications such as heating, refrigeration and air conditioning.

Products have been designed so that mass produced “key parts” can be mixed and matched to meet various application requirements. Virgil has organized the manufacturing to deliver systems from a few kilowatts to 5-7 megawatts an hour all based on well-tested and well-proven original designs.

Example projects and other applications are given in the next section.

Perryman Battery 1st Generation
Perryman Battery 2nd Generation
Perryman Battery 3rd Generation
Perryman Trough Geometry
Perryman Trough
Film Testing
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